About Fallen
Fallen is a family-based RAID-guild on the Cannith server in Dungeons and Dragons Online. We understand that real life comes first and only ask that you log in once a month and use appropriate curse-free conversation in our guild chat. In DDO, we raid, true resurrect, player versus player, and build toons together. We love to run with our fellow guild members, joke, and just have fun. Our guild level is 131+ and we are currently accepting new members openly levels 5 and up. (Make sure you make an account with the site, then click the "apply to guild" button to the left).  Our guild ship, The SangAsylum, has all amenities and lots of hiding places for fun. 

Fallen's leader is Sanguinus. Under him, we have the council followed by our officers. 
Our council consists of five groups:

Monday Raids: Led by Sevah, assisted by officer-Siltex.
Sagas and Chains: Group 1 Led by Dyrewolf, assisted by officer-Kreithen. Group 2 Led by Kniiggit, assisted by officer-Faolann.

Recruiting: Led by Loonha, assisted by officers-Middi, Xalna, and Ancillia. In-game, look for one of these officers if interested in joining Fallen on the Cannith server. 
Officer affairs are handled by Starrey. 
Honorary officers include Aphello, Yulien, and Collumbo. 

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